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People are very much concerned with the Earth's climate changes these days and going green has always been a buzzword since the 90's. It is now a huge problem area that most governments are looking into in this current age. There are a lot of campaigns being held for well being of the environment. However, the advancement of technology evolution is rapid. Some of the inventors and scientist are now developing things that people did not even imagine before. The computer and equipments nowadays are so unique and exceptional that everything can be possible. With the world's environmental problem and the technology's development in mind, the car companies started creating a vehicle that is not hazardous to the Earth. This is their way of contributing to the Earth's healing process.

Pollution is the greatest ill factor that hurts the environment. And air pollution is mostly caused by smoke released by vehicles and eco-friendly car makers have taken this into serious consideration. And so the electric vehicles are borned to lessen the air pollution as well as shaving a little off the demand on fossil fuels to run the traditional vehicles. There is a lot of ways you can also help to prevent the destruction of Mother Nature. Simple ways like not using things that can harm the ozone layer can be a huge help for the environment. If more people start to use electric vehicles, then a large chunk of pollutants will be eliminated from our atmosphere.

Here are some of the advantages of electric vehicles:

- Electric cars do not rely on fuel to move. It gains its power on different sources like solar power, nuclear as well as wind power. There is also another type of electric vehicle that uses battery as the source of its energy. Hence, these types of vehicles do not pollute the Earth like the normal vehicles do.

- People believe that the battery used on electronic vehicles is costly as compared to vehicles that use fuel for energy. However in the long run, you will discover that the battery will cost less than purchasing fuel whenever you need to drive.

- Charging the car's battery is a lot less expensive than refilling your car's fuel tank. The advantage of not having to buy fuel does not end there. The increasing shortage of fuel supply and its price hikes will not affect the electric car user anymore. It is going to be the least of your problems!

- Battery powered vehicles utilize electric engine and not inner igniting locomotive for its energy. The risk of explosion during any type of accidents is slim.

- This type of vehicle not only prevents smoke pollution but noise pollution as well. It does not operate as loud as compared to a normal vehicle.

- Even if the price of electric vehicle is more expensive when you purchased it, the maintenance is much cheaper.

- As we all know, fuel is not renewable but the energy sources for an electric vehicle is certainly renewable, thereby promoting energy efficiency.